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Let me

have it all

50 minutes Cinema 33/ NOS  1994


In the summer of 1992 two filmmakers, Jeroen Berkvens and Walter Stokman, travelled through the United States of America. They were searching for tracks of the famous musician Sly Stone.

'Let me Have it All' is a documentary film on Sly Stone. Sly Stone was the front man of the legendary funk rock formation Sly and the family Stone. They were most famous for their song 'I wanna take you higher', the anthem song during the three day music festival Woodstock. Sly and the Family Stone ruled the US popcharts in the early seventies, but notorious drug abuse ended the success of Sly Stone. What remains are one of pop music best records like 'Dance to the Music' and 'There's a Riot goin' on'. Sly Stone vanished from the pop scene. Where is this funk pioneer and why did he disappear. Jeroen Berkvens and Walter Stokman started their search for Sly Stone in the summer of 1992. Two film students with little money, a small Hi8 camera, sound and a Chevy Pick-up take off in San Francisco, California. 

'Let Me Have It All' is a film by Jeroen Berkvens and Walter Stokman The film was a graduation film for the Art Academy St. Joost in Breda, Holland. 

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