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Like an 


58 minutes VPRO TV 2009


Documentary about Dutch photographer Charlotte Dumas. She has become known for her penetrating animal portraits

Like an Animal is about the Dutch photographer Charlotte Dumas (1977). She makes portraits of animals: horses, tigers, dogs, wolves and other animals, animals that play a role in our cultivated world, where people project all kinds of expectations and feelings on the animal. Dumas' photos are never simply images of animals, they are metaphors, whereby it is striking how noble the portraits look, with an atmospheric light and the mysterious look of the portrayed animals. In this documentary we see how Charlotte looks at the animals and how she translates her thoughts and ideas into a portrait. She is convinced that it is easier for the viewer to build a relationship with a portrait of an animal than with a portrait of a human: animal portraits evoke a variety of emotions. Animals are much less intimidating and provide a more or less blank canvas for reflection.

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