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Rain behind 

your eyes

55 minutes NCRV TV 2009


The number of Dutch drug couriers imprisoned in South America has exploded in recent years. Eight Dutchmen serving long sentences in the Dominican Republic are followed.

The conditions in which drug smugglers have to survive in foreign prisons are appallingly bad. The institutions are unsanitary, the overcrowding in the cells promotes violence among inmates and many drugs are used. Walter Stokman does not look for the question of guilt or the personal circumstances through which these people started smuggling, but shows how these people are serving their sentences. How do you endure a penance for many years in a country far away from the Netherlands? We see Sammy and Dirk in the prison of Santiago de los Caballeros who together can provide the water supply and thus have conquered their own place. The two Rotterdammers keep their spirits up by working a lot. Dirk does not cry about his misery. He cannot afford that. That is a sign of weakness. It only rains behind his eyes. Marciano is in the notorious La Victoria prison. He is still awaiting sentencing, but fears eight years. He has told his youngest sister that he has supposedly found work in the Dominican Republic. He wants as little contact with the Netherlands as possible, otherwise 'it will hurt too much.' Fabia, a beautiful young girl who is serving her time in the women's prison in Navajo says: “Most of all I still miss my city of The Hague, the hustle and bustle of traffic and people. The first thing I do when I'm free is kiss the ground and get some fresh air. And then just take the tram somewhere. ' 

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